Digital Decoupling equips you with the freedom to explore innovation by ensuring business continuity.

Digital Decoupling is a new patent-pending, flexible and resilient architecture, and gives companies the agility to continuously innovate on cloud.

Digital Decoupling combines  SAP solutions, public cloud services and innovative open source solutions to help companies modernize their legacy SAP ECC systems, and prepare for S/4HANA.

Digital Decoupling on Cloud for SAP offers companies to modernize their legacy SAP ECC/ERP systems and using the differentiating capabilities of the cloud providers (Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and AWS).

Digital Decoupling for SAP accelerates to deliver new business functionality and features by simplifying their SAP ECC/ERP legacy systems.

Keep S/4HANA as a Digital Core and build beyond the boundaries of traditional SAP systems, using differentiating cloud services.

Digital Decoupling is the pipe through which all enterprise data is channeled, and the intelligence that processes the data to extracts insights.

With Digital Decoupling, utopia becomes reality. We let you challenge common sense by breaking up your SAP monolith: Leave your precious data untouched while working with duplicates that update in real-time. Accelerate your execution time and generate business value during the upgrade process. In addition to that, you can use Digital Decoupling as one major step on your cloud transformation journey.