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Gartner: „The Future of Business Is Composable”

“Composable Enterprise means creating an organization made from interchangeable building blocks” (Gartner)

The idea of composable business operates on four basic principles:

  • More speed through discovery
  • Greater agility through modularity
  • Better leadership through orchestration
  • Resilience through autonomy

Accenture has worked on such composable architectures for SAP clients for years and has the leading offering in the market, which has already been applied at many large SAP clients.

Composable technologies are the tools for today and key to use for tomorrow:

  • S/4HANA is the new digital core, providing a stable and proven foundation for the enterprise.
  • The core is extended by cloud platforms like SAP BTP and, e.g., Google Cloud — These platforms provide all the pieces and connect the capabilities in a very flexible way.
  • Google Cloud, for example, is providing truly differentiating capabilities in Security, Automation, Cloud Coupling (Google Cortex) and AI/ML for industry-specific innovation.
  • The OVGU, together with Google Cloud and Accenture, offers applied research for a Composable Enterprise architecture incl. SAP cloud coupling and also trainings.

Whitepaper – 3 Steps for Digital Disruption based on HANA/S4HANA + New Intel Persistent Memory 3DXP

HANA_on_Intel_Three steps to reinvent your enterprise as a digital disrupter_By Prof. Dr. Alexander Zeier, Accenture and Edward Goldman (with 3DXP), Intel CTO-2

Business Insight at the Speed of Thought – A paradigm shift in data processing that will change your business – Intel Persistent Memory on SAP HANA



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