Generative AI – The Way to Superintelligence

In the context of academic exploration and the education of future technology leaders, we have developed three generative AI models that embody the intersection of research and practical application. These models serve as a foundation for students and scholars alike, offering insights into the optimization of business processes, the intricacies of SAP HANA and S/4HANA, and the legal challenges within the media landscape, thereby contributing to a comprehensive understanding of how AI can be harnessed to address real-world problems.

Generative AI models for business process improvement and optimization.

In the last few months a few Custom GPTs were built for:

SAP HANA Advisor: SAP HANA consultant for technical and business audiences.

SAP S4HANA and Cloud Transformation Advisor: GenAI Advisory Systems for Cloud, and SAP based on Composable Enterprise and Architecture with S4HANA and Cloud

GPT Media Law Advisor:  providing insights on media law, referencing Urteile Bundesverfasssungsgericht, pre-selected together with  Prof. Holznagel

Please note: Starting from May 2024, access to ChatGPT-4o (omnia) is free for all users, with limited usage.



Future Research on:

Deep Reinforcement Learning: Application of advanced machine learning for autonomous supply chain optimization.

MLOps and Cloud Automation: using SAP and Google Cloud technologies